Hot Biopsy

A biopsy obtained with standard forceps coated with plastic insulation and supplying monopolar electrocoagulation. Hot biopsies are obtained by grasping the mucosa, tenting it into the GI lumen and heating for 1–2 seconds. The tissue obtained may be uninterpretable because the tissue has been burned and the technique carries an increased risk if the amplitude and duration of the current is dialed up
A technique for removing polyps and diagnostic tissue from the gastrointestinal tract using an endoscope that cauterises the the excision site once the biosy tissue is 'safe' within the insulated biopsy cups. Hot biopsies are associated with cauterisation artefact which renders some less easily interpreted than cold biopsies
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Histological quality of polyps resected using the cold versus hot biopsy technique.
For example, hot biopsy with electrocautery has been associated with a 16% complication rate.