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 (Ho) [hol´me-um]
a chemical element, atomic number 67, atomic weight 164.930. (See Appendix 6.)


Symbol for holmium.




symbol for the element holmium.


Abbreviation for:
Hearing Officer
Hemoccult Lab medicine (US)
heterotopic ossification
high output
high oxygen
history of
Home Office, see there
house officer, see there
hyperbaric oxygen
hypertrophic osteoarthropathy


Symbol for holmium


chemical symbol, holmium.

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Nelson said NextStep surprised Hosea with the Christmas light project.
In the vow to be faithful again to the covenant in Hosea 14:4, Assyria, horses, and idols are "synecdoches for political entanglements, military might and heterodox worship, respectively.
The book of Hosea ends, in Chapter 14, with words of invitation and promise.
Hosea has quit working as a vehicle parts deliverer to concentrate on music and Satitia is due to be made redundant from her job in a bank call centre in January.
During this episode, a baby (dubbed Sam Hosea by Elias) is rescued from the scene, and, like Nujoma, becomes a symbol of the growth of Namibian independence.
Kelle attacks the thorny problems of reading Hosea 2 by focusing on its metaphorical language and rhetoric.
The volume focuses on the formal structure or the individual units of the book of Hosea.
Bred by Herbert Kahrs, the filly is out of the Lagunas mare Hosea, and is a half-sister to the German St Leger runner-up Harar.
McAdoo Properties LLC, led by Hosea McAdoo, acquired the property at 3829 Stone Mountain Drive from John and Elizabeth Power.
I am like an evergreen cypress," God told the prophet Hosea, steadily keeping watch through this night's wild ride.
Hosea finally has to reclaim her from being a slave concubine of another man.
Instead, he immediately collaborated with Zimbabwean director Hosea Dzingirai on a massive theater project for Berlin's Volksbuhne.