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 (Ho) [hol´me-um]
a chemical element, atomic number 67, atomic weight 164.930. (See Appendix 6.)


Symbol for holmium.




symbol for the element holmium.


Abbreviation for:
Hearing Officer
Hemoccult Lab medicine (US)
heterotopic ossification
high output
high oxygen
history of
Home Office, see there
house officer, see there
hyperbaric oxygen
hypertrophic osteoarthropathy


Symbol for holmium


chemical symbol, holmium.

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On the one hand, Hosea has no conception of a covenant as constituting the original bond between YHWH and his people, and the marital or familial bonds of Israel and God are but metaphors.
The exercise evaluates the readiness of the emergency services of the Namibia Airports Company (NAC), the Hosea Kutako International Airport and its support services as well as different stakeholders on how to deal with a major aircraft accident.
Hosea will present his views on the benefits that highly personalized TV applications can provide to network operators, demonstrating how they can enhance their advertising revenue, increase the usage and return on investment of their network assets, and make the television the dominant interactive device in the household.
Predictive Networks founder and President Devin Hosea will discuss the strategic value of network infrastructure-based personalization and privacy technologies at several industry and business forums this quarter, signaling the growing importance of delivering highly personalized experiences to users across convergent networks, such as the Internet, interactive television (iTV), and wireless networks, without invading user privacy.
We are very pleased to welcome Jeanette and Michael to Predictive Networks," said Devin Hosea, the company's founder and chief technology officer.
In Hosea 11 we read, "It was I who taught Ephraim (a synonym for the ancient Israelites) to walk .
Amos and Hosea, Micah and Obadiah--they all know the questions we face, and they have the answers we seek.
Kevin Hosea Colbert, 34, is charged with attempted kidnapping, assault with intent to commit a felony and the unlawful taking of a vehicle, said Deputy District Attorney Tuppence Macintyre.
Du Bois, a professor at then-Atlanta University, and civil rights activist Hosea Williams, an alumnus.
NAyROBy (CyHAN)- "It's a business," said Hosea Owuor, a 30-year old market trader on Kisumu's Achieng Oneko Road.
com)-- ProArch announced today that Robert Hosea has joined the company as Vice President, Microsoft Solutions.
The national airline continues to get the short end of the stick following the recent ICAO audit on Namibia Airports Company's facilities at Windhoek's Hosea Kutako International Airport which resulted in the downgrade of the airport from a category 9 to a category 5 airport.