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Bayard T., U.S. physician, 1895-1980. See: Horton arteritis, Horton cephalalgia, Horton headache.
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Alexander sprang to the platform and hurried up the siding, waving to Philip Horton, one of his assistants, who was anxiously looking up at the windows of the coaches.
Horton kept repeating that he was sure there could be nothing wrong with the estimates.
They're already nervous, Horton tells me, and there's no use alarming them.
"Will you excuse me for a moment, Captain Horton," she said to her escort.
Captain Horton bowed with the slight disappointment of a hungry man on his way to the supper-room.
Captain Horton found his vis-a-vis a somewhat unsatisfactory companion.
Murray, of Horton Lodge, near O , about seventy miles from our village: a formidable distance to me, as I had never been above twenty miles from home in all the course of my twenty years' sojourn on earth; and as, moreover, every individual in that family and in the neighbourhood was utterly unknown to myself and all my acquaintances.
I thought it better to prefer a blameless silence before the sacred office of speaking, bought and begun with servitude and forswearing." Thus was he, he says, "church-outed by the Prelates."* Milton could not, with a free conscience, become a clergyman, so having taken his degree he went home to his father, who now lived in the country at Horton. He left Cambridge without regrets.
It was during these early years spent at Horton, too, that Milton wrote his masque of Comus.
All these poems of which I have told you, Milton wrote during the quiet years spent at Horton. But at length these days came to an end.
To comply with this request of holding a few as hostages for the surrender of the whole body, was deemed inconsistent with his instructions; but, as there could be no objection to allow a small number of them to return to their homes, permission was given to them to choose ten for the District of Minas (Horton) and ten for the District of Canard (Cornwallis) to whom leave of absence was given for one day, and on whose return a similar number were indulged in the same manner.
Milton had planned to enter the ministry, but the growing predominance of the High-Church party made this impossible for him, and on leaving the University in 1632 he retired to the country estate which his parents now occupied at Horton, twenty miles west of London.