Pio del Rio, Spanish neurohistologist in South America, 1882-1945. See: Hortega cells, Hortega neuroglia stain.
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We included professionals from the hospital emergency services of the University Clinic and Rio Hortega University Hospital in Valladolid and professionals of the prehospital emergencies system of Castilla y Leon (mobile emergency units of: Palencia, Salamanca and Valladolid, both urban and rural) in Spain.
The study was approved on 6 April 2016, by the Clinical Research Ethics Committee at Rio Hortega University Hospital in Valladolid (Spain), with registration code #412016.
MS was supported by a fellowship from the Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain (Rio Hortega program: CM14/00026).
En 1985 comienza su andadura el aula hospitalaria del Hospital Clinico de Valladolid y dos anos mas tarde lo hace el aula del hospital Rio Hortega, continuando posteriormente su implantacion en otros hospitales de nuestra comunidad de Castilla y Leon.
Since their discovery almost a century ago by del Rio Hortega, microglia constituting about 10-15% of cells located in the brain and spinal cord are the first and main form of defense in the CNS, being responsible for homeostasis maintenance [21].
And then in the 1920s, the Spanish scientist Pio del Rio Hortega developed novel ways of staining cells taken from the brain.