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A vegetable that contains asparagin, resin, sinigrin—which converts to mustard oil—and vitamin C; horseradish is antimicrobial, antiseptic, diaphoretic, diuretic, and a cardiovascular and gastrointestinal tonic; it is used for upper respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, rheumatic disease and gout, neuralgias, neck pain, stiffness; the leaves are used for food poisoning
Toxicity Excess use on the skin causes blistering; horseradish may depress thyroid activity
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My mustard starts out tasting the sweet first, then the heat ramps up, and the horseradish kicks in.
A popular Japanese condiment called wasabi is often confused with horseradish since both are pungent in nature.
Info This recipe takes inspiration from the classic cocktail, souped up with chilli and horseradish .
I can't stress enough how easy this is to grow; just find a type that you like, throw pieces of it in the ground, and you'll have horseradish for years to come.
We very much look forward to working with Horseradish in partnership to develop the next generation of industry professionals together."
Until very recently country folk used horseradish to treat worms in children, claiming it not only expelled, but killed them.
So far, no scientific data are available which demonstrate the anti-inflammatory potency of horseradish root in a human cell based system or tried to clarify the relevance of allyl ITC for its bioactivity.
The research team was led by crop scientist Mosbah Kushad, who had previously measured the cancer-fighting glucosinolates in horseradish. Believe it or not, horseradish actually has about 10 times as many glucosinolates as broccoli.
7 Serve pancakes warm, topped with a generous spoon of horseradish cream, slices of smoked salmon and wedge of lemon.
Tulkoff Extra Bold Horseradish Sauce is packaged in an 18-ounce squeeze bottle with a suggested retail price between $5 and $6.
One food I remember more than any other -- the horseradish that was traditionally served as the "bitter herb'' portion of the meal.
has launched Posh Piccalilli and Beetroot, Horseradish & Dill Relish.