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The gadflies and horseflies; a genus of biting flies, some species of which transmit surra, infectious equine anemia, anthrax, and other diseases.
[L. a gadfly]
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horse fly

Any of numerous large biting tabanid flies, the females of which feed on the blood of various mammals.
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"We show that the attractiveness to horseflies of a dark brown human body model significantly decreases, if it is painted with the white stripes that are used in body paintings," the authors write.
Fortunately, she does not mention gadflies, horseflies, and barflies.
Less welcome were the midges, horseflies and sheepticks - I had to resort to a blowtorch and pliers (okay, it was a Zippo lighter and safety pin, but it still hurt), to remove one of the latter, after it guzzled more of my blood than the tax-man.
Hence the singing horseflies, Buzz (Steve Harvey) and Scuzz (David Spade), who perform MC Hammer and Paul McCartney songs between the one-liners.
Then there's a pair of singing horseflies, Buzz and Scuzz, who perform MC Hammer and Paul McCartney between one-liners.
In the end, though, Channing gets a chance to ride Stripes in the Kentucky Open--with a little help from Tucker and a couple of smart-alecky horseflies named Buzz (Steve Harvey) and Scuzz (David Spade).
It meant that since the harshness of the land and the climate was a big part of the stow, it was inevitable it would be part of the shoot; including the gigantic horseflies, called "bulldogs," and the infamous northern mosquitoes.
The offspring of those rude horseflies, for instance, have an amazing capacity to heal human tissue.
Horseflies, which can also be known as clegs, possess razor sharp jaws and can give a very painful bite,the MEN reports.