non-race-specific resistance

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non-race-specific resistance


horizontal resistance

a situation where a large number of genes (POLYGENES) in the host plant confer a general level of resistance to a wide range of attacking organisms (pathogens or parasites). Such a system is usually able to withstand genetic changes in the attacking organism and thus produce stable production of crops. Compare RACE-SPECIFIC RESISTANCE.
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[15] carried out a series of static horizontal loading tests by using a geotechnical centrifuge and found that the horizontal resistance of the pile part in the piled raft is higher than those observed in the pile group due to the raft base contact pressure.
The same happens in horizontal resistance where the mechanism of resistance is controlled by many genes [13].
All the study sites provided great opportunities for horizontal resistance transfer.
For medium- and low-speed penetration, the horizontal resistance force [17], the vertical resistance force [18,19], the jamming and the fluctuations of the resistance force [20], and the shape effects on the resistance force [21] were studied.
At present, the index is trading below its major horizontal resistance line at 8,450.0, which is also in proximity to its 55-day moving average (currently at 8,457.82).
Further dynamics depend on whether Severstal surpasses the upper end of the channel and, accordingly, the horizontal resistance at 360 rubles.
I am still looking for a break above the longer-term trendline on a weekly chart at 2,560 and a strong horizontal resistance at 2,610," Roelof-Jan van den Akker, senior technical analyst at ING Commercial Banking, said.
In the following chapters we are going to present the result of five-year alternative soil tillage with chisel plough and mouldboard ploughing on horizontal resistance of the soil and the CO2 emissions from the soil on a silty clay loam soil (Gleyic Podzoluvisol) under Slovenian agro-ecological conditions.
"For now, prices are consolidating above the next strong horizontal resistance area around 2,890 (for the Euro STOXX 50 index).
The combination of vertical and horizontal resistance has been proposed for a more efficient disease control and development of durable resistance in sunflower (Vear, 2005).

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