horizontal plate of palatine bone

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hor·i·zon·tal plate of pal·a·tine bone

the part of the palatine bone that forms the posterior part (approximately one third) of the bony palate.
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The importance of this study is from a constant need to evaluate experimentally the behaviour of the hydrodynamic parameters of two identical sprays in the intersection jets area on a horizontal plate. Seven pair of hydraulic atomizers were used with different hydrodynamic parameters; the aim is to analyse the behaviour of the water dispersion in the intersection area of jets and check the summation law of both jets for the atomizers selected.
The problem of convection resulting from the flow over a horizontal plate provides probably one of the most fundamental problems of MHD convection in Earth, astrophysical and solar physics with Layered model, and is thus of considerable theoretical and practical interest.
This edition includes new chapters on suction and caisson anchors, and separate chapters devoted to horizontal plate anchors in sand, horizontal plate anchors in clay, helical anchors in sand, and single-helix screw anchors in clay.
The most usual ones are the horizontal plate and the reverse-U [2].
The first exact solution of the Navier-stokes equation was given by Stokes [5] which is concerned with the flow of a viscous incompressible fluid past an infinite horizontal plate oscillating in its own plane in an infinite mass of stationary fluid.
If this is not available, modification C is using 3 reinforcing plates of thickness 10 mm welded to the horizontal plate. To buy 40 mm thick plate is quite difficult.
In their setup, electric fields play the role of the slits, steering electrons along two possible paths parallel to an underlying horizontal plate. As each electron passes, its electrostatic field moves charges inside the plate.
The NNR-NUVEL-1A model is perhaps the best-known model for predicting horizontal plate tectonic velocities for locations outside the United States, usually with an accuracy of a few millimeters per year for locations within stable plate interiors.
Kerem Durdag, Biode's chief operating officer, explained that the sensor is a class of quartz surface-acoustic device known as a shear horizontal plate. The device generates an acoustic wave into the fluid, and measures the power absorption of the wave by the medium.
Nantong currently manufactures horizontal plate freezers, and is a dominant supplier in the Chinese market as well as a major exporter to Southeast Asia.