Horizontal Gluteal Crease

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The boundary where the convexity of the 'glutes' meets the upper end of the posterior thigh; the horizontal crease is formed by a meshwork of fibrous connective tissue stands known as Luschka's ligament that loosely connects the skin to the gluteal muscles in the buttocks; not everyone has a horizontal crease, but it can’t be created surgically; any attempt to produce a horizontal crease below the buttocks by liposuction is unwise and often results in a crease that appears unnaturally scooped-out, and furrowed; it is most apparent when bending over, and stretching the affected area; excessive fat removal evokes discomfort when sitting on a hard surface; too much liposuction in the area of the horizontal crease cannot be repaired; the cosmetic risks outweigh the possible benefits
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Much nearer sixty years of age than fifty, with a flowing outline of stomach, and horizontal creases in his waistcoat; reputed to be rich; voting at elections in the strictly respectable interest; morally satisfied that nothing but he himself has grown since he was a baby; how can dunder-headed Mr.
Five horizontal crease marks running along these pictures evince their casual former storage.
"Every time she turns around you've got that strange horizontal crease which means they're cut too narrow in the hips.
In addition, the absence of a front horizontal crease line creates one large front panel which not only opens up new branding possibilities but also affords space for a large, premium-looking closure.
You can spot them from the small horizontal crease two thirds of the way down their nose - just above the fleshy, bulbous bit.
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