Carl M., German rhinologist, 1849-1925. See: Hopmann papilloma, Hopmann polyp.
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Furthermore, government officials have become the most frequently cited information sources in the media coverage of climate change in both developed and developing countries (Shehata & Hopmann, 2012; Takahashi, 2011), implying the politicalizing tendency in reporting on climate change.
Boykoff & Boykoff 2007; Shehata & Hopmann 2012); however, drawing as it does on literature from a range of disciplines including sociology, communications, linguistics, and psychology (Scheufele & Tewksbury, 2007) it is applicable, as proposed by Uggia and Olausson (2013), to a wide range of textual materials.
Hopmann, "Development of Trays for Hot Food Packaging From Foamed Cellulose Acetat Films," in Biopolpack.
Florian Lemke and Christian Hopmann, RWTH Aachen University, Germany.
Existe una amplia bibliografia que evidencia una tendencia de los medios a mostrar los eventos y actores politicos en terminos negativos tanto en Espana (B aumgartner & Chaques B onafont, 2005) como en muchos otros paises occidentales (Schudson, 1999; Farnsworth & Lichter, 2011; Patterson, 1994; Sabato, 1991; Zaller, 1999; De Vreese, Esser & Hopmann, 2016).
By Christian Hopmann [1], Daniel Kaltbeitzel [1], Theresa Kauth [1], Barbara Dittrich [2], Joachim Grosse [3], Nadine Huppertz [3], Ulrich Schwantes [4], Claudia Neumeister [4], and Matthias von Walter [5]
Others have used surveys to weigh fundamental concepts--such as objectivity--against daily practices developed in Denmark (Skovsgaard, Albaek, Bro & De-Vreese, 2012; Pihl-Thingvad, 2014), Sweden (Stromback, Karlsson & Hopmann, 2012) and Brazil (Herscovitz, 2004).
To overcome this problem, individuals can adopt a bilateral focus that involves soliciting information from the other side and actively listening (Walcott, Hopmann, & King, 1977).
As the company has expanded, that proposition has become exponentially more difficult," says Dirk Hopmann, BASF's vice president of supply chain strategy.
Alternate Path technology is a reliable technique to ensure a complete gravel pack is in place for sand control," said Mark Hopmann, vice president, well completion technologies for Weatherford.
Westbury, Ian, Stefan Hopmann, and Kurt Riquarts, eds.