A person with hoplophobia, a morbid fear of guns
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18) Philip Weiss, A Hoplophobe Among the Gunnies, N.
Just mention a gun near a hoplophobe and the nervous discomfort begins.
As a company, Seattle-based Starbucks tends to lean left, supporting "progressive" causes and candidates, but when the professional hoplophobe lobby got upset about seeing some Starbucks customers legally, open carrying firearms, Starbucks offered a reasonable response.
Those in law enforcement, particularly dispatchers who take those excited calls about "a man with a gun", should be especially aware of this and know to ask key questions about what the man (or woman) is actually doing, and determine if they are dealing with a serious threat or just an excited hoplophobe.
guard Patrick Mendez against the dangerous hoplophobe ("irrational fear of weapons") policies of the College of Southern Nevada--an urban campus for part-time students until recently dubbed the "Community College of Southern Nevada".
For years, hoplophobes and other fools have viewed flash suppressors as evil.
Heaven forbid these hoplophobes ever see videos of Jerry Miculek hitting a target with 12 shots from a 6-shot revolver in under 3 seconds, or Bob Munden hitting two targets with a single-action revolver so quickly that it sounds like one shot.
Now, the hoplophobes hope to similarly adjust the "default setting" with a new scheme that fares well in the opinion polls.
Congress have no power to disarm the militia," Coxe wrote in The Pennsylvania Gazette, back before newspapers had become havens for screaming hoplophobes and enuretic Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists.
The antis and hoplophobes themselves might go psycho if armed, because many are irrational and unbalanced.
But the hoplophobes never manage to get to the next critical fact:
Guns in Restaurants and Grocery Stores, To hoplophobes like Bloomberg and Feinblatt, any gun anywhere beyond the hands of police, military, and their own, bodyguards is a "threat to public safety.