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An abbreviation for a number of clinical trials:
Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation
Hospital Outcomes Project for the Elderly
Hypertensive Old People in Edinburgh study
Use of the HEPACOAT™ Bx Velocity Stent and an Antithrombotic Regimen of Aspirin Alone
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Cardiology A randomized, multicenter, multinational trial–Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation–which found that ramipril/Altace®, an ACE inhibitor, in ↓ mortality in Pts with heart failure. See Calgary-HOPE.
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The expectation that something desired will occur. One of the bases of professional health care is encouraging and supporting the presence of hope while providing accurate information and realistic reassurance.
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Q. my wife is pregnant !!! i am so excited ! this is the first time out of many i hope !!! but i have concerns that i would like to share with the community here ... i am afraid of being a bad father , i am afraid i won't know how to be a father ... where do u start ... how do i support my wife after the though experince ... how do i take care of the child ... a lot of things a re running through my mind with no answer ,can any one help me to calm down ????

A. you won't be a perfect father but you'll try to be. that's what's important. thousands of years of evolution gave you the basics. you'll be fine :)

Q. Hey Guys !! how are you all? i hope you feel fine because weekend is coming !!!! you all out there have a splendid time and the most important thing is to be healthy ! so take care and have a great weekend ! love you all !!!

A. thanks macboy. I hope you have a great weekend as well.

Q. Hello Community ! great weekend head of us , i hope everyone is feeling great and they are healthy and let us all have a great weekend , and a safe weekend ! Take Care !

A. thanks you too. take care and be safe.

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"HOPE springs eternal in the human breast", according to Alexander Pope writing some 300 years ago.
Hope springs eternal for the Beavers, who play host to UCLA next Saturday.
Still, hope springs eternal and they must have felt that Dinas could turn the tide.
However, hope springs eternal and Kelleway went on: ''But I've bought 10 yearlings and I'm going to Ireland tomorrow to look for some more and we'll start all over again.''
Nevertheless, hope springs eternal, with 88% indicating that, if they knew how to find the right partner, they would do the work necessary to meet him or her.
He offers as the chief reason for why people believe weird things the truism that "hope springs eternal." To support this, he spends a chapter on the outre speculations of physicist Frank Tipler of Tulane University, who uses sophisticated physics to argue that in the distant future a supercomputer could essentially resurrect the dead - a hopeful thought, to say the least.
But, as the saying goes, hope springs eternal in the human breast.
Now that 2018 is here, bright and breathless and full of promising possibi-lities, hope springs eternal (anew) that this new season will bring bounties and beauties that eluded us last year.
HOPE springs eternal in the land of Hoops and glory after Yossi Benayoun inflicted Wigan's first defeat in 11 games - and was then harshly sent off.
Or perhaps it is a way of showing, literally in concrete terms, that "hope springs eternal in the human breast"?
Hope springs eternal among Cardiff Blues fans that by returning to Cardiff Arms Park, there will be a proper rugby atmosphere at home games - terrace banter, beer before and after the game, booing the ref and touch judges, all part of the enjoyment.
St Nicholas Abbey, a former Racing Post Trophy winner who also went into the Guineas unbeaten, was an expensive flop in the race for the trainer two years ago, so hope springs eternal for Camelot's rivals.