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With respect to the influence of the degree of randomness parameter [alpha] on the hop count of the minimum hop paths, we observe that the maximum difference in the minimum hop count of the paths obtained for different values of [alpha] for a given condition of node mobility and network density is 0.
Routing protocols under the minimum-weight category have been primarily designed to optimize the hop count of source-destination (s-d) routes.
In AODV-ABR which is proposed by Wei Kuang Lai, Sheng-Yu Hsiao and Yuh-Chung Lin, the establishment of backup routes takes advantage of overhearing RREP packets with hop count to the destination [8].
Each neighbour either satisfies the RREQ by sending a route reply (RREP) back to the source or broadcasts the RREQ to its neighbours after increasing the hop count (hop_cnt).
Current standard considers the shortest path with minimum hop count for the route selection.
Most routing schemes thus use hop count as their metric, where hop count is the number of transmissions along a given route from source to destination.
A comprehensive set of new bandwidth metrics, including link quality and capacity, link type, and hop count enable flexible management and intelligent routing decisions.
Radware's global load balancing technology is designed to allow clients to be serviced by the application portal which is most "able" to serve content as well as "closest" to them in terms of relative delay and hop count.
With this breakthrough switching wireless design, ArrowSpan can penetrate surrounding foliage and extend the hop count for wireless mesh networks deployed in parks, campgrounds and campuses," said Max Lu, president and CEO of ArrowSpan.
By deploying WSDs with the racks of Netfinity servers, users can distribute all IP traffic locally or globally using algorithms that combine site load, round trip latency and hop count.
IPivot president and CEO Brett Helm explained, "Until now, companies with multiple geographically distributed Web sites have been forced to use outdated equipment that tries to determine the hop count of network latency between a browser and each of its server locations in order to select the best site.