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This approach is designed with priority metric which comprises mainly hop count and packet delay.
Hop Count will be considered as a minimization objective function (or) constraint in designing the network.
As illustrated in Figure 4, when node S establish the route to R, M1 received the packet from S because this node located between sender and receiver, so after the reception of the M1, it updates the identity and increase hop count by 1 and send the request packet to M2 by tunnel and also M2 performs the same setup and reply the packet to R.
The intermediate node then forwards the RREQ packet by incrementing the hop count of the path from the source node.
In our modified scheme, a node updates the reverse path each time it receives a RREQ request from the source with hop count less than the stored one.
The third rule says that any particle whose tube marker is set, that then receives any make-seg message with a hop count of zero, should set its bottom marker.
The Hello packet broadcast stops only when it reaches the maximum hop count.
On the other hand, by selecting the candidate path with small hop count, the network-wide energy consumption can be reduced as well as the packet delay can be shortened.
6) If two or more RREP has same highest trust level, select the route which has lowest hop count.
Performance results for each multicast routing protocol illustrate DMEF to be effective in discovering multicast trees that exist for a longer time with a lower energy consumed per node and without any appreciable increase in the hop count per source-receiver path.
Moreover, such routing protocols use minimum hop count as the main metric for path selection.