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Although the hoof prints are not as well defined as the ones I found earlier, they could have been made by a type of cattle that has been extinct in Britain for some 3,000 years.
FAME AND GLORY bids to follow in the hoof prints of legendary stable-mate Yeats with victory in the Ascot Gold Cup (3.
Following in the hoof prints of Black Beauty, this book examines man's treatment of animals and each other.
An amphitheater likely to have been used for performances of Greek tragedies is now apparently being used as a sheep pen judging by the hoof prints and droppings.
They visit a young boy who is tormented externally by the devil; the hoof prints of a mule are all over his body and he has visions of them in his dreams.
Large hoof prints in single file are probably the track of deer.
You can see, there's like deer hoof prints on my sofa here.
Some have been placed almost randomly; others were decorative cutouts of hoof prints or lettering.
Since he tries to trick Apollo into believing the cattle wandered away by disguising his footprints and their hoof prints, he is a trickster god of thieves.
He says he's even got proof - they left their distinctive hoof prints all over the ground.
A master of moonlight, Remington subtly modulated his pale colors to represent hoof prints in the snow, the horse's frozen breath, its harsh purple shadow, and twinkling stars in an azure sky.