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1. The anterior part of the integument of soft ticks (family Argasidae) that extends over the capitulum and forms the roof of the camerostome.
2. An expanded, covering structure that resembles the hood of robe or cloak in shape or function, such as the extensor digital expansions that overly the dorsal aspect of the heads of the metacarpals.
[O.E. hōd, hat]

hor·i·zon·tal lam·i·nar flow hood

(hōr'i-zon'tăl lam'i-năr' flō hud)
A laminar flow hood in which the air is pushed through a filter horizontally toward the user to maintain a sterile environment.

lam·i·nar flow hood

(lam'i-năr flō hud)
An enclosure in which air flow is directed so as to prevent contamination of sterile materials by airborne organisms.
Synonym(s): hood.

ver·ti·cal lam·in·ar flow hood

(vĕr'ti-kăl lam'i-năr flō hud)
A laminar flow hood in which the air is pushed through a filter vertically to protect the user from exposure to harmful materials.


an item of horse clothing. A cloth cover for the head; with eye and ear holes.

long hood
covers the head and neck to the shoulders.
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She said Foley loaded the gun and 'jogged' outside, followed by the hooded man.
A hooded man tried to snatch an mp3 player from around the neck of its owner.
Yesterday a policeman played the role of the hooded man seen leaving her home that night.
A Durham Police spokesman said: 'A hooded man was spotted walking towards the front gate of Myrobella House.
Detectives are still looking for a hooded man seen following Caroline before her death.
Police said that a 42-year-old man reported that at 4:45am Saturday a hooded man barged into the kiosk he was working in Ayia Fyla, Limassol, brandishing a 40-centimetre wooden stick and asking him for the money in the till.
A HOODED man in a tiger mask led a ruthless gang of robbers who tied up, gagged and blindfolded a mum as her little daughter slept upstairs.
A hooded man took pounds 100 which was left hanging out of a cash machine after a woman forgot to retrieve it.
The hooded man, said to be in his early 30s, targeted the McColls store in Highfield Road, Rock Ferry, at 6.
Suddenly I saw a hooded man sprinting towards me down the middle of the street.
A hooded man forced the victim to hand over his mobile phone after holding a blade to his stomach, in Binswood Avenue, Leamington, on Tuesday at about 7.
Police have been trying to trace a young couple who may have seen a hooded man running from the scene.