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Dental preparatory procedure in which a cutting-edge is honed or replaced on a dental tool (e.g., calculus-removal instrument).
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The centerpiece of the Blanco collection is the 12-piece slanted hardwood block set that includes a 3.5-inch parer, four 4-inch fine-blade steak knives, a 5-inch utility, a 5-inch partoku (Chicago Cutlery's exclusive fusion of a santoku and a paring blade), a 7-inch santoku, an 8-inch serrated bread, an 8-inch honing steel, kitchen shears and the 11-slot block featuring Edge-Saver polymer-lined protective slots.
One way to double the life of your knife is to use a honing steel before each use.
Sarah Jay, who penned "Knives Cooks Love," says there's a big misconception retailers should address: Many home chefs incorrectly believe a honing steel can sharpen dull knives.