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Is homoeopathic treatment effective for chronic tonsillitis?
The homoeopathic treatment of chronic tonsillitis has two stages.
Homoeopathic treatment is an effective method of healingboth acute and chronic conditions.
Farouk Nami further said that the homoeopathic doctors are also ignored miserably at every level in public sector.
It could lead to the affirmation of homoeopathic medicines in fundamental and clinical conditions.
The largest homoeopathic infrastructure in the world is found in India, which has an estimated 300,000 homoeopaths in practice.
This paper presents homoeopathic research using observational studies and asks, "Do observational studies have relevance in the measurement of the outcome of homoeopathic treatment?
Notwithstanding wide variations in usage around the world, patient surveys show consistency in the reasons why people choose homoeopathic medicine as a form of treatment, including dissatisfaction with the results of conventional treatment, the adverse effects of drugs, and the invasiveness of conventional medicine.
In this non-randomised observational study carried out in 38 Belgian clinics, 198 children suffering from acute febrile infections were assessed for their response to either acetaminophen or a combination of homoeopathic medicines (Heel Viburcol).
After taking the results from all variables into account, it was found that the homoeopathic combination was as effective as acetaminophen.
In this observational cohort study, 485 people with symptoms of mild viral infection (fever, headache, myalgia, cough or sore throat) were treated either by conventional medical means or with a homoeopathic combination product.
Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract--comparison of a homoeopathic complex remedy with xylometazoline.