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homocysteinuria (hōˈ·mō·sisˈ·t·i·nōōˑ·rē·),

n abnormal metabolic condition in which excessive levels of homocysteine are present in the blood and urine. High homocysteine levels are considered a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.
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Lower amounts of collagen crosslinks have been found in patients who have homocysteinuria.
Lower amounts of collagen cross-links have been found in patients who have homocysteinuria.
This discovery was extrapolated from the association of CVD found in patients diagnosed with homocysteinuria, a rare inborn autosomal recessive disease complicated by early cardiac death (Taylor-Chinn, 2000).
Kilmer McCully, a pathologist at Harvard, while doing an autopsy on a two-month-old infant who had died of homocysteinuria, found extensive damage to the arteries with plaque formation as one might see in someone in the later decades of life.