Homo sapiens

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Ho·mo sa·'pi·ens

modern human beings.
[L. wise man]
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Homo sapiens

(sā′pē-ənz, -ĕnz′)
The modern species of humans, the only extant species of the primate tribe Hominini.
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Homo sapiens

The only living species of the genus Homo, which is a bipedal primate that first appeared 200,000 years ago in Africa. H sapiens has features of both H erectus and modern humans; the brain size is larger than H erectus and smaller than most modern humans, averaging about 1200 cc, and the skull is more rounded than in H erectus. H sapiens is the most direct ancestor of modern man, and had 3 subspecies, H sapiens sapiens, H sapiens neanderthalensis and H sapiens idaltu, the latter 2 of which are extinct.
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Ho·mo sa·pi·ens

(hō'mō sā'pē-enz)
The genus and species of humankind.
[L. wise man]
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