Homo sapiens

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Ho·mo sa·'pi·ens

modern human beings.
[L. wise man]

Homo sapiens

(sā′pē-ənz, -ĕnz′)
The modern species of humans, the only extant species of the primate tribe Hominini.

Homo sapiens

[hō′mō sā′pē·əns, sä′pē·ens]
Etymology: L, homo, human, sapere, to know or taste
the scientific name of the human species.

Homo sapiens

The only living species of the genus Homo, which is a bipedal primate that first appeared 200,000 years ago in Africa. H sapiens has features of both H erectus and modern humans; the brain size is larger than H erectus and smaller than most modern humans, averaging about 1200 cc, and the skull is more rounded than in H erectus. H sapiens is the most direct ancestor of modern man, and had 3 subspecies, H sapiens sapiens, H sapiens neanderthalensis and H sapiens idaltu, the latter 2 of which are extinct.

Ho·mo sa·pi·ens

(hō'mō sā'pē-enz)
The genus and species of humankind.
[L. wise man]

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For me, that leaves a massive lifeline for the image of Homo sapiens as a uniquely brilliant creature.
Hershkovitz said he believes Homo sapiens may have originated some 500,000 years ago.
Pero la presuncion de inocencia del Homo sapiens como responsable del primer genocidio no es compartida por todos.
Of the many hominid branches on the family tree, stretching back four million years or more, we Homo sapiens are the only one left.
If you look at stone tools produced in eastern Africa from 284,000 to 6,000 years ago, you don't find a steady accumulation of different technologies, but content and wide variation depending on the needs Homo sapiens faced given the environmental conditions of the time.
A separate species from Homo sapiens, Neandertals were also around during the Stone Age but are now extinct.
The possibility of hybridisation in Europe and the Levant between Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens has been debated for some time now.
But Homo sapiens later adopted "blades" which were Aakes with parallel edges twice as long as wide.
Extinction of Homo sapiens was derived from a different interpretation of published discoveries and theories concerning origins covering the last 15,000 years.
Homo sapiens, the species to which every human on Earth today belongs, is assumed to have arisen from Homo erectus in eastern Africa more than a million years ago.
But whereas the earlier work, Homo sapiens sapiens, 2005, envisioned an all-female prelapsarian paradise, its sequel, Eine Freiheitstatue fur London (A Liberty Statue for London), 2005, presents an ethereal-looking red-headed woman's journey out of Eden through a long graffiti-ridden corridor or tunnel--a sort of artificial birth canal--into a present-day European city.
Moreover, if global warming is increasing the severity and frequency of hurricanes, as NASA scientist Stuart Jordan shows in his article, and if that change finds its source in human-caused pollution, then even the nature of the storm itself can be laid at the feet of Homo sapiens.