Homo sapiens

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Ho·mo sa·'pi·ens

modern human beings.
[L. wise man]

Homo sapiens

(sā′pē-ənz, -ĕnz′)
The modern species of humans, the only extant species of the primate tribe Hominini.

Homo sapiens

[hō′mō sā′pē·əns, sä′pē·ens]
Etymology: L, homo, human, sapere, to know or taste
the scientific name of the human species.

Homo sapiens

The only living species of the genus Homo, which is a bipedal primate that first appeared 200,000 years ago in Africa. H sapiens has features of both H erectus and modern humans; the brain size is larger than H erectus and smaller than most modern humans, averaging about 1200 cc, and the skull is more rounded than in H erectus. H sapiens is the most direct ancestor of modern man, and had 3 subspecies, H sapiens sapiens, H sapiens neanderthalensis and H sapiens idaltu, the latter 2 of which are extinct.

Ho·mo sa·pi·ens

(hō'mō sā'pē-enz)
The genus and species of humankind.
[L. wise man]

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By contrast, Homo sapiens did have language, as shown by the remarkable cave paintings in Spain and France.
The researchers studied measurements from the fossilized heel bones of 13 ancient Homo sapiens and six Neandertals that lived between 30,000 and 100,000 years ago.
The Homo Sapiens pens were inspired by the Bronze Age, the period in which writing emerged, and accordingly the metallic parts of the pen are made of bronze as it was originally made.
Experimental archaeologist Metin Eren, from the University of Exeter, said: "Our research disputes a major pillar holding up the long-held assumption Homo sapiens were more advanced.
The disadvantage would have made it increasingly difficult for Neanderthals to compete with Homo Sapiens as the Ice Age worsened.
Based on geological evidence and the discovery of human remains, many assumed that Homo sapiens sapiens arrived in America from Asia about 12,000 BP when the Bering land bridge was open in one of its periodical dry land phases.
What the large herbivores had never before had to deal with was Homo sapiens, which became anatomically and mentally "modern" about the time the extinctions began.
journal ''Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,'' Thorne and his colleagues outline an alternative theory on the evolution of Homo sapiens called ''Regional Continuity.
A diet of fish containing Omega-3 was essential for the necessary cerebral expansion which transformed our predecessors into homo sapiens.
Some anthropologists speculate that every single one of us probably descended from a single human woman when our species Homo sapiens emerged.
As the population balance tips from village to city, homo sapiens will become an urban species.
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