homeotic genes

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ho·me·ot·ic genes

a group of genes that regulates the development of the body parts by defining the boundaries of the several regions.
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Although sufficient evidence exists to show that floral homeotic genes specify lemma/palea, no study has been undertaken to determine which genes are active in mature lemma/palea.
It is not clear whether floral homeotic genes have prolonged effect on the function of lemma/palea or whether new sets of genes are activated.
All homeotic genes are genes for switching other genes on or off," explains Ridley.
SUPERMAN, a regulator of floral homeotic genes in Arabidopsis.
Genes that control the temporal dimension of development, heterochronic genes, can be thought of as the temporal analogs of the homeotic genes, which regulate spatial dimensions (e.
Floral homeotic genes were recruited from homologous MADS-box genes preexisting in the common ancestor of ferns and seed plants.