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Pertaining to or characterized by homeosis.
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These include heterochronic mutations that alter structures by changing growth rates, homeotic mutations that change the identities of whole body parts, and paedomorphosis, which converts juvenile stages directly to adult ones.
Previously assessed CTC mRNA melanoma reverse transcription-quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) biomarkers by our group (6,16-18) were used for verification of capture of melanoma cells, including tyrosine-related protein 2 (TRP-2), melanoma antigen recognized by T cells 1 (MART-1), melanoma antigen gene-A3 family (MAGE-A3), and paired box homeotic gene transcription factor 3 (PAX-3).
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Ubx-YFP expression declines when moving from T3 to A8 (or PS5-PS13) because Ubx is repressed by the more posteriorly expressed homeotic genes abd-A and Abd-B [19].