Homeless Adolescent

An underage—in US, < age 18—person who is involuntarily without shelter or permanent address
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The current results support previous findings in which homeless young people were found to be depressed (Hirst, 1989) and in which 43% of a long-term homeless adolescent sample were severely depressed (Miner, 1991).
Factors in the psychological adjustment of homeless adolescent males: The role of coping style.
The prevalence of, and problems associated with, sexual abuse (SA) have not been sufficiently researched in the homeless adolescent population.
Gender differences in homeless adolescent behavior and sexual health practices as they relate to sexual victimization are underreported in the literature.
NENA, a track about love and strangers passing by, is Rezzi's first English-Spanish single, which he hopes will help bring awareness to his fans and others of the LAYN's mission and programs to empower abused, neglected and homeless adolescents to become self-sufficient.
Rationale and design of a brief substance use intervention for homeless adolescents.
Studies of runaway and homeless adolescents, as many as 40 percent of whom had previously rived in foster care, have reported high rates of mental health problems and high rates of sexual risk behaviors (Robertson, 1989).
Furthermore, research on homeless youth has sought to better understand sexual behaviors of homeless adolescents (Greenblatt & Robertson 1993), patterns of drug use and needle sharing among street involved youth (Kipke, Unger, Palmer, & Edgington 1996), and mental health issues experienced by homeless youth generally (Kennedy 1991) to gain an understanding of the potential needs and risks of youth experiencing homelessness.
Challenges faced by homeless sexual minorities: Comparison of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender homeless adolescents with their heterosexual counterparts.
One of the biggest fallacies about homeless adolescents is, 'Oh, what lazy bums,' "Christensen told People magazine.
Human immunodeficiency syndrome and hepatitis B and C infections among homeless adolescents.
Both the proportion of boys and girls and the proportion of different ethnic groups corresponds with the findings of a recent research on homeless adolescents in the Netherlands (Korf et al.

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