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A continuing process of degeneration or breaking down, in contrast to evolution.
See also: involution, catabolism.
[L. de-volvo, pp. -volutus, to roll down]


(dĕv′ə-lo͞o′shən, dē′və-)
1. A passing down or descent through successive stages of time or a process.
2. Transference, as of rights or qualities, to a successor.
3. Delegation of authority or duties to a subordinate or substitute.
4. A transfer of powers from a central government to local units.
5. Biology Degeneration.

dev′o·lu′tion·ar′y (-shə-nĕr′ē) adj.
dev′o·lu′tion·ist n.
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The legislation was signed three months after an overwhelming majority of the 182 voters at a special town meeting approved an article calling for the home-rule petition to extend the mandatory retirement age.
4) The village developed a rental licensing and inspection program about 30 years ago because of the high number of apartment units-about 33 percent of all residential units in the village--the lack of uniform maintenance and leasing standards, and the desire to establish a minimum level of property maintenance standards (which is permitted only for home-rule municipalities in Illinois).
civil or private law exception" to home-rule powers became a
Home-rule cities have their own charters, giving them much wider authority than those that get their powers strictly from the state Constitution.
In order to identify the determinants of preferences for state-imposed limits on the taxing and spending powers of local governments, this study examines the decisions made by some Illinois municipalities to acquire home-rule status, where "home rule" refers to local autonomy from state control.
This rhetoric gives rise to fatuous speculation about the degree to which states' rights and home-rule arguments might have been distilled from their specifically racist content, as if the practical objective of white domination and the savagery acted out on its behalf were in some way ephemeral to a nobler, ideal agenda.
Throughout the century, Labour and Liberal MPs or candidates, have all been to a greater or lesser degree marked by nationalist or home-rule or separatist sentiments.
The village maintains a strong financial position, bolstered by several untapped home-rule taxing powers that provide significant financial flexibility.
Wilkinson, made the motion asking town meeting voters to authorize the filing of a home-rule petition with the state Legislature "in the form presented in the warrant article.
One of the recommendations of the state panel calls for setting up commissions in each county to examine the current government structure and submit home-rule charters to the voters.
These Washington and Tucker supporters were established, middle-class blacks with strong historical roots in the city who viewed Barry as an ill-mannered upstart whose embarrassing behavior would likely damage home-rule.
As a home-rule city, Bloomington's broad tax base and commitment to sustaining strong financial performance through tighter financial policies portends greater financial flexibility.