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A continuing process of degeneration or breaking down, in contrast to evolution.
See also: involution, catabolism.
[L. de-volvo, pp. -volutus, to roll down]


(dĕv′ə-lo͞o′shən, dē′və-)
1. A passing down or descent through successive stages of time or a process.
2. Transference, as of rights or qualities, to a successor.
3. Delegation of authority or duties to a subordinate or substitute.
4. A transfer of powers from a central government to local units.
5. Biology Degeneration.

dev′o·lu′tion·ar′y (-shə-nĕr′ē) adj.
dev′o·lu′tion·ist n.
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It does not permit a political subdivision such as a county, city, borough, incorporated town, township, home rule municipality, school district, vocational school district and county institution district to increase the rate authorized under this provision of the code, but only with the approval of the court of common pleas "upon good cause shown.
Existing and new customers that signed managed services agreements during the quarter include: First Advantage Corporation, provider of a comprehensive selection of services to help employers hire and retain healthy, productive workers; Senior Lifestyle Management, one of the nation's leading senior living specialists; Town of Breckenridge, a Home Rule Municipality that is the county seat of Summit County, Colorado; and Whistler Blackcomb,North America's premier four-season mountain resort.
In his letter, Valentine states that as a home rule municipality, "The City of Las Cruces had the authority to issue and sell the gross receipts tax bonds for the purpose of acquiring the utility and for other purposes stated in the bonds.