Guido, Austrian radiologist, 1872-1931. See: Holzknecht unit.
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Holzknecht from Vienna who was one of the eminent radiologist of the world at that time.
This flexible drive system allows a wide variety of different processing alternatives," said Eugen Holzknecht, recently retired general manager for Rosier Metal Finishing LLC in Battle Creek, Mich.
The most famous director was undoubtedly Antonin Dvorak (1901-1904), while the lawyer, pianist, musicologist and promoter Vaclav Holzknecht (1946-1970) was perhaps the most popular director in the modem era.
Karl Julius Holzknecht, Literary Patronage in the Middle Ages (New York: Octagon Books, 1966); Joel T.
IMC Licensing, Molly Holzknecht, Product Development/Account Coordinator, 502-589-7655, mholzknecht@imclicensing.
The German co-pilot Thomas Holzknecht had to be airlifted to JVD physicians in Bahareya, and then to a Cairo hospital.
Holzknecht 1997; Wood 1998) or the establishment of fisheries or agricultural programs in rural areas (cf.
KJH, KJO, KJS, KNI, KNJ) 7 caves or Green Burial caves Used into 20th shelters with 1990:408, 418, with cooking century burials, near 419; Guise pots Biring Village, 1985; May and Onga CD, Tuckson Kaiapit, (KAJ, 1982:22, 136-7 KAK, KAL, KAP, KAR, KNB, KNC) Carambazad, Specht & Open site, pots 'Style A' near Waritsian, Holzknecht as grave goods pottery.
Thirty-six artists will be featured, including Ross Palmer Beecher, who creates traditional quilts from recycled aluminum cans; Gloria Crouse, who makes fanciful clothing from plastic six-pack rings and rip-stop; Ron Ho, who makes jewelry from found objects; David Gilhooly, who creates miniature tableaus from recycled plastic action figures and old puzzles; Katherine Holzknecht, who makes furniture and lamps from old skis; and Mark Smith, who stuffs vinyl forms with recycled clothing.
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with Fred Holzknecht to direct the campaign, was named exclusive marketing agent.