Verbena officinalis

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Herbal medicine
A perennial herb that contains alkaloids, bitter principles, glycosides (verbenin), tannins and volatile oil. Vervain is antipyretic, antispasmodic, contraceptive and diuretic; it has been used for headaches, skin infections, dysentery, suppressing appetite, increasing breast milk and as a liver and nerve tonic.

Verbena officinalis,


a genus of plants in the family Verbenaceae.

Verbena bonariensis
called also purple top; suspected of causing sickness and abortion in cattle.
Verbena officinalis
contains a glycoside verbenalin reputed to cause contraction of the uterus and photosensitization. Called also common vervain.
Verbena rigida
thought to cause photosensitization. Called also Verbena venosa, wild verbena.
Verbena tenuisecta
suspected of causing deaths in chickens and photosensitization in sheep. Called also Mayne's pest.
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Use spread with the advent of Rastafarianism in the 1930s, whose adherents, mostly the poor, considered marijuana a holy herb.
Lavender is one of the holy herbs used in the preparation of essence in King Solomon's temple.