Holt, Mary


Mary, 20th century English cardiologist.
Holt-Oram syndrome - atrial septal defect in association with fingerlike or absent thumb and other deformities of the forearm.
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Not even in Manhattan could you find celebrated structural filmmakers Tony Conrad, Hollis Frampton, and Paul Sharits rubbing shoulders with Morton Feldman and John Cage; catch outdoor installations by Nancy Holt, Mary Miss, and Cordon Matta-Clark; drive through sound art by Max Neuhaus; and encounter soon-to-be-dubbed "Pictures" artists Cindy Sherman and Robert Longo.
The exhibition confined itself to the work of women: Alice Adams, Alice Aycock, Lynda Benglis, Agnes Denes, Jackie Ferrara, Suzanne Harris, Nancy Holt, Mary Miss, Michelle Stuart, and Jackie Winsor.