Holotropic Breathwork

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Holotropic Breathwork™

Alternative medicine
A technique developed in 1976 by Czech-American psychiatrist Dr Stanislav Grof as a means of self-exploration, based on ancient spiritual practices and modern conscious research and combining breathing, evocative music and a specific form of bodywork.
Holotropic Breathwork is presented in a two-day workshop by Grof-certified “facilitators”, many of whom are mental healthcare professionals. In the sessions, participants lie flat in a dimly-lit room, and learn breathing techniques while listening to the pounding of African drums; incorporated into the process are focused bodywork and mandala drawing. The participants are encourage to access four “levels” of experience: sensory, biographical, prenatal and transpersonal, as well as “buried” memories.
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A British entrepreneur, Poppy Jamie, 28, tells me she was so inspired by the holotropic breathing workshop she attended in LA that she decided to reassess her whole career.
One minute, we're talking about business strategy; the next, Holotropic Breathwork (a kind of mindful breathing).
As an alternative, psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, MD, PhD, who engaged in medical LSD research during the 1950s and 1960s, and his wife Christiana Grof, PhD, developed Holotropic Breathwork, a nondrug method for inducing transpersonal experiences.
* On-site equine assisted therapy, art therapy, Holotropic Breathwork[TM], yoga, meditation, fitness, and monthly family program
Holotropic breathwork, for example, may be just what is needed for a person having an ongoing spiritual experience or emergency mimicking psychosis.
Holotropic breathwork; a new approach to self-exploration and therapy.
Although there is some variance in the specific breathing techniques promoted within schools of breathwork (e.g., holotropic breathwork vs.
Stanislav Grof, M.D., author of The Holotropic Mind, has described the album as "a truly unique piece," citing both Metcalf's musical skills and his training as a certified holotropic breathwork facilitator, intimately familiar with non-ordinary states of consciousness.
Sensory isolation, holotropic breathing, hypnosis, mantras ...
As well as more common alternative therapies, the book covers more unusual therapies such as holotropic breathwork, Rolfing, metamorphic technique and Tragerwork.
He has had all kinds of therapeutic and growth experiences: gestalt, rebirthing, Jungian analysis, holotropic breathwork, bioenergetics, the Course in Miracles, twelve-step recovery groups, Zen meditation, Ericksonian hypnosis.