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Immunomodulatory Properties of Cucumariosides from the Edible Far-Eastern Holothurian Cucumaria japonica.
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The flatback turtle (Chelonia depressa) lives off the north of Australia and eats holothurians and other invertebrates, and can reach 35 in (90 cm) in length.
The material collected is the most complete record of the macrobenthos inhabiting a Canadian high arctic fiord: polychaetes, molluscs (gastropods, bivalves, scaphopods), crustaceans (amphipods, cumaceans, isopods, shrimp), pycnogonids, bryozoans, and echinoderms (echinoids, holothurians, ophiuroids) are represented in the collections.
He sets out on a search to find the the protoplasmic jelly, the primordial cell concealed among holothurians and madrepores, the pelagic ooze from which all complex life had once derived.
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