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A complete protein, that is, apoprotein plus metal ion and/or prosthetic group.
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However, the substitution Arg377Gln might cause a change in hydrogen bonds to alternative ones with other amino acids, which resulted in the loss of enzyme activity or decreased holoprotein level.
Rogaev, "Impas 1 possesses endoproteolytic activity against multipass membrane protein substrate cleaving the presenilin 1 holoprotein," FEBS Letters, vol.
The genetic mutations causing Wilson disease impair the hepatic incorporation of copper into apoceruloplasmin, leading to a reduction in the total serum ceruloplasmin concentration due to the instability of the apoceruloplasmin relative to the holoprotein with its full complement of copper [24,25].
Herms, "Involvement of presenilin holoprotein upregulation in calcium dyshomeostasis of Alzheimer's disease," Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, vol.
The holoprotein is a homodimeric protein with a multidomain structure consisting of a) N-terminal extracellular domain (ECD), b) single helical transmembrane region, c) juxtamembrane domain, d) kinase homology domain (KHD), e) linker region, f) GC domain (GCD), and g) C-terminal domain (CTD) (53).
where [DELTA][delta][sup.1]HN and [DELTA][delta][sup.15]N denote the [sup.1]HN and [sup.15]N backbone amide chemical shift change between the apo- and holoprotein for a particular residue, and [[omega].sub.i] denotes the weight factor of the nucleus which accounts for differences in sensitivity of the [sup.1]HN and [sup.15]N [[omega].sub.NH] = 1.0; [[omega].sub.NH] = 0.154.
To ascertain sites where introduction of amino acid residues would be tolerated without affecting folding of the polypeptides and assembly into holoprotein, methionine residues were introduced into different regions of the Gy1 gene (Utsumi et al., 1994).
Since ethylene production is overexpressed in the phyB-1 mutant, phyB (holoprotein) most likely down regulates the genes for ethylene biosynthesis.
Chromophore-assembled holoproteins of Arabidopsis phytochrome B (phyB) were expressed, reconstituted, and purified as previously described [24, 25].
(13) in which apoproteins are first separated from holoproteins and then the TC fraction of the holoproteins is directly measured by ELISA.
Both assays use specific anti-TC antibody rather than imprecise physicochemical methods to separate TC from HC and other holoproteins. Ulleland et al.
HoloHC was computed as the difference between total Cbl and holoTC and may thus include other minor holoproteins (16).