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holon (hōˑ·ln),

n in Greek philosophy, both the individual and the universe. Used in functional medicine to describe the holistic concept of health in which the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects are all essential for health.
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When applied to literary criticism, this theory of holons suggests that any given work of art can be regarded not just as a single entity or "holon" but, rather, as a process of protracted emergence that can be mapped as a nested series of holons, from the "artist holon" of authorial concept and intention, through the "artifact holon" (the object of formalist criticism), to the "reader holon.
a holon, see Figure 1 in the original article); and it proposed a dynamic to enhance sustainability.
The method used in the experiment illustrates the joining of existing technologies specific for holons, considering intelligent autonomous entities which cooperate in order to process the information and to lead the physical processes which take place in a production system.
This role is played by holons belonging to more than one Holon.
For example, in the objective, observable-from-the-outside domain, a person's body is a holon comprising the holons of atoms, molecules, cells, and organs.
Especially true for the holonic organisation, in which independent holons will be making interdependent decisions independently (Sprague, 1993).
In so doing, the holonic network creates a virtual company - a personally-tailored temporary structure which combines the different process capabilities of the various holons to produce the ideal core business processes.
Chapter 8 discusses the way companies wishing to work in a holonic network should sell themselves and their core capabilities to other holons in the network.
When it comes to the role of hierarchy in holons, Wilber (1996, pp.
In holonic analysis we used certain terms that would better identify and analyse holons.
The System of Holons and the Performance and Pedagogy of a Musical Instrument