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holon (hōˑ·ln),

n in Greek philosophy, both the individual and the universe. Used in functional medicine to describe the holistic concept of health in which the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects are all essential for health.
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Head of Oncology at Wolfson Hospital, Holon, Israel, to the Company's Scientific Advisory Board.
Nonwoven Industries, Holon, Israel, started operations in June 1988 with one Reifenhauser spunbonded line and a focus on the home furnishings business.
of Holon, Israel, a Broadband Wireless System-On-Chip development company, today announced that Intel Corporation has invested in the company.
From a budding new business in the late 1980's to a major global player in the spunbonded nonwovens market today, Avgol Non-wovens Industries, Holon, Israel, has come a long way in 10 years.
Wroclaw, Poland; Unilever Gulf FZE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Vebatronic BV, Uden, Netherlands; and Vishay, Holon, Israel.
a manufacturer of spunbonded materials in Holon, Israel, have formed a joint venture called FiberGol.