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, analytical (an'ă-lit'ik, -i-kăl),
1. Relating to analysis.
2. Relating to psychoanalysis.


, analytical (an'ă-lit'-ik, -i-kăl)
1. Relating to analysis.
2. Relating to psychoanalysis.


(a-nal'i-sis) plural.analyses [ ana- + Gr. -lysis]
1. Separation of anything into its constituent parts.
2. Psychoanalysis. Particular analyses are listed under the first word. See: e.g., blood gas analysis; continuous-flow analysis; hair specimen analysis
analytic (an?al-it'ik), adjectiveanalytically (i-k(a-)le)

analytical, analytic

pertaining to or emanating from analysis.

analytical control
control of confounding by analysis of the results of a trial or test.
analytical epidemiology
draws statistical inferences, mostly about causes, about disease in populations based on available samples of it.
analytical methods
techniques used to draw statistical inferences including multiple regression, path analysis, discriminate analysis and logistic analysis.
analytical study
a method for testing a hypothesis as part of an investigation of the association between a disease and possible causes of the disease.
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Our aim is to prove that the vector field is, up to a bimeromorphic transformation, holomorphic.
9-12], for the definition of holomorphic functions see e.
If the holomorphic distribution H is integrable, the right-hand-side of (22) lies in TM; thus we obtain [sigma](X, JY) - [sigma](JX, Y) = 2G[(X, Y).
where the last limit is in the vague topology, and finally that cp has a holomorphic extension to A if and only if supp([micro]) [subset] - [infinity], 0].
Penrose reminds us that Dirac himself used the 2-spinor holomorphic functions, while many recent papers overlook them.
partition functions into holomorphic blocks corresponds to the geometric decomposition of compact manifolds into standard simpler pieces.
a rectangle) is conformally mapped onto another regular region, then this mapping is performed by a holomorphic function.
n](4c) of constant holomorphic sectional curvature 4c and X a unit tangent vector in [T.
Let H(B) be the class of all holomorphic functions in B and Rf(z) = [[summation].
Most of the 11 papers were presented at a symposium on holomorphic dynamics held in Holbaek, Denmark during June 2003.