Holodomor Famine

A famine that occurred in the Ukraine from 1932–1933 in which 2.6 to 10 million people starved to death.
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The latest craze in sophisticated restaurants around the world is "small plates for sharing," which sounds like something straight out of Lenins playbook, and the amount of food served is in keeping with the theme of the Holodomor famine or agricultural collectivization.
A curious example of the Western news media's portrayal of residual sympathy for the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and the Holodomor famine (sometimes called the Ukrainian Genocide) of 1932-33, respectively, is a series of news photos distributed by AP Images and Reuters.
The development of Hughesovka/Donetsk is a fascinating chapter in the industrialisation of eastern Europe just as Gareth Jones' solemn articles about the Holodomor famine are still haunting today.