Holmes, Thomas


Thomas, U.S. psychiatrist, 1918–.
Holmes-Rahe questionnaire - Synonym(s): Rahe-Holmes questionnaire
Rahe-Holmes questionnaire - see under Rahe
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Among the topics are Alexander the Great's confidence in his physician Philip of Acarnania, Maimonides, Ambrose Pare as an apprentice barber-surgeon in a busy shop in Paris, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Thomas Henry Huxley, Dieflafoy with his assistants and students during a lecture at the Hftel-Dieu, and the Eagle simulator for training anesthesia students at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London.
Bede Academy's team (back row, L-R) Jordan Holmes, Thomas Henderson, teacher Cosmo O'Reilly, Ryan >Robertson, Rhys Gales; (front row L-R) Andrew Chapman, Alexander Forsythe and Cameron Brolly, 13
Lisa Holmes, Thomas McGarry, Katherine Wade, Louise Young and Iain Anderson have been raising money for CLIC Sargent to achieve their goal of raising pounds 5m to fund specialist children's cancer nurses who allow children with cancer to spend more time at home and less time in hospital.
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