Hollywood Diet

A fad-type fasting diet that claims weight losses of up to 10 pounds in 48 hours, which requires the purchase of four $12/€9/£8 bottles per day
Pros Rapid, temporary weight loss—almost certainly not 10 pounds
Cons Expensive, weight regain is the norm, intense food cravings cause dizziness, cramps
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It's taking the mickey out of the whole Hollywood actress with a Hollywood diet thing, and all her social media accounts about lifestyle and positivity and the sugary sweet quotes.
The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets' provides tips that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle.
To share the secrets of her weight-loss success, she met with nutritionists, physicians, and trainers to create the so-called Kelly Osbourne Hollywood Diet.
Potbellied pig, Meeka is kept indoors, has a zebra-skin bed, pink-painted trotters, daily massages and a Hollywood diet.
But Hill hasn't adopted a faddish Hollywood diet, though.
champ, teen romancer "Tres metros sobre el cielo" (Three Meters Above the Sky), is a remake of Italy's hit "Tre metri sopra il cielo," which in 2004 became key to weaning Italo kids off a purely Hollywood diet, luring them back to watching homegrown fare.
net BARRY Austin is making a desperate bid to lose his massive weight - by going on a Hollywood diet used by stars like Jennifer Aniston.
Hollywood diet guru and trainer Harley Pasternak has just come out with a paperback of his plan and diet (Ballentine Trade paperback; $15).
In the 20th century there was the Hollywood Diet, otherwise known as the Grapefruit Diet, inspired by the slender screen gods and goddesses that began to influence the public's perception of how they should look; the Cambridge Diet that relied on liquid meal substitutes; The Scarsdale Diet, using artificial sweeteners and herbal appetite suppressants along with low carb foods; and the F-Plan Diet, which was high in fibre.
2) Diets Are Ridiculous: Fad diets, such as the Cabbage Diet or Hollywood Diet, use semi-starvation methods to promote weight loss, which is bad for you.
This Morning features the latest Hollywood diet and then those Loose Women talk calories - I'm in my element.