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Franklin, U.S. physiologist, 1899-1966. See: Hollander test.
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Apart from Hollaender, these composers didn't write their own words, so you had Brecht working with Weill and various poets with the other composers.
(9.) Friedrich Hollaender, one of Germany's jazz pioneers in the 1920s, reminds us that Germans used to pronounce the word jazz as ja:s: "Jass!
de Hollaender 1625 (CUVC); Santa Rosa de Cabal: camino real entre Termales de Santa Rosa y Volcan Otun, 2700 m, 17 jul 1980, Van Reenen, Granstein & Aguirre 1479 (COL); idem, 300 m al este de las Termales de Santa Rosa 4[grados] 51' N 75[grados] 32'W, 2130 m, 21 sep 1985, 27 sep 1985, Wolf 46, 145 (COL); Idem, al oeste de las Termales de Santa Rosa, hacienda La Gaviota, 1980 m, 16 jul 1986, Wolf 1108 (COL); Santander: Charala: corregimiento de Virolin, 2000 m, 16 nov 1984, Castro &.
For several years, experts have speculated that plaintiffs will have a difficult time actually proving their allegations in court (Mullen & Hollaender 2012).
There is sufficient evidence in the photo-biological literature on the effects of long wavelength ultraviolet and near visible range radiations on Escherichia Coli (Eisenstark, 1987; Hollaender, 1943).
One of the first things he did was to hire Alexander Hollaender to build a biology division, in part to study the biological effects of radiation.
Hollaender et al., "Frequency of the LRRK2 G2019S mutation in late-onset sporadic patients with Parkinson's disease," Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria, vol.
Michelle Hollaender, HELPS International Development Director and Medical Team Leader said, "We thank MedAware Systems for providing us with their incredible SOHInfo platform as we pilot this innovative Treatment Decision Support System on our medical mission to Guatemala in September.
The list was long: Friedrich Hollaender, Erich Korngold, Franz Wachsmann, Max Steiner, Werner Richard Heymann.
The players who carried the Tyneside flag with pride were: Michael Bridges (capt), Robbie Elliott, Darren Timmons, John Watson, Steve Cuggy, Neil Jensen, Lloyd Owusu, Johnny Gbenda-Charles, Rudi Hollaender (GK), and Chris Greenacre.
As the Chief Development Officer for HELPS International for over 10 years, Michelle Hollaender's career embodies the selflessness of a community servant.