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Surname of a child (Stephen Christmas) with the disease subsequently called Christmas disease; first case studied in detail. See: Christmas disease, Christmas factor.
See also: Christmas factor, hemophilia B.
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Carvedilol Hibernation Reversible Ischaemia Trial—Marker of Success. A study that asked if hibernating myocardium predicts the amount of carvedilol-induced improvement of LVEF-left ventricular ejection fraction in patients with heart failure and left ventricular systolic dysfunction due to ischaemic heart disease
Conclusion There was no significant difference between hibernators and nonhibernators in increasing LVEF with carvedilol
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Seattle-based self-storage company Storrage said it has launched a new holiday app called Un-Deck the Halls that makes it easy for Seattle-area residents to pack and store their holiday decorations ranging from strings of lights, artificial trees and ornaments.
BEIRUT: Charity will set holiday decorations alight this year at Zaitunay Bay, as the waterfront strip steps away from its usual Christmas market.
Festive holiday decorations, music, shopping and luminaries, will enhance your visit as you stroll through the Ca d'Zan mansion, Museum of Art, Tibbals Learning Center and Circus Museum.
drove holiday sales last month by offering last-minute gifts and essentials like wrapping paper and holiday decorations. From electronics and popular toys to beauty and fragrance gifts, the chain provided a wide selection of gift options, home decor staples and holiday specialty items.
Earlier this month, the White House unveiled "A Red, White, and Blue Christmas," the final installment of "Barney Cam," which features the President and First Lady's Scottish terriers touring the White House to give viewers a dog's eye view of the holiday decorations. This year, to celebrate the family's last Christmas in the White House, Barney decides on a patriotic theme.
Brewery staff will lead approximately 500 volunteers in decorating 33 homeless shelters and community centers with holiday decorations and trees.
Here are some beautiful and non-toxic plants that make great holiday decorations.
Starting in November, the farm focuses on custom designed holiday decorations, wreath and garland orders.
We were extremely humbled and proud to be able to send children's and adult's clothing, toiletries, candy and snacks, holiday decorations and lots of toys!
The obvious target is, of course, clearing the shelves of accent rugs adorned with snowmen and holiday decorations, but many stores placed bath rugs, non-seasonal accent rugs and area rugs of all shapes and sizes on the sale block as well.
Visitors who tour the gardens at our Menlo Park, California, campus get a little bonus this time of year: our holiday decorations and 12-foot-tall Christmas tree.