Holiday Blues

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Feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression and anxiety in and around the holidays, caused by loss of family and loved ones through divorce or distance from the childhood home or place where the holidays were most enjoyed in years past
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Moll suggested some tips which you can follow to prevent normal holiday depression from progressing into chronic depression.
LANCASTER - Seniors don't have to be plagued by holiday depression, according to Judith Harris.
Branded post-Bank Holiday depression syndrome, 73 per cent of those questioned supported the move to bring the rest of Britain in line with Scotland and have an extra day off to recover from New Year celebrations.
Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health at UMIST, Manchester, said: "People who start work on January 2 feeling tired after their New Year festivities could end up suffering from acute post-Bank Holiday depression syndrome as a result because they are returning before they are fully revitalised.
Holiday depression, a common phenomenon, may play a role in exacerbating a heart condition.
Drag a fat and pampered evergreen into your home, and you may be dealing yourself a dose of the Holiday Depression Syndrome.
Feelings of hopelessness, loss of energy, sleep deprivation, or suicidal thoughts are among the signs and symptoms of holiday depression.
Holiday Depression Among Elderly Sparks Program's Outreach--
While the star blew off the family events for Christmas he wasn't suffering from holiday depression.
However Mrs Wignall, who is currently on holiday, added, 'Post holiday depression is absolutely true when you leave the hot weather, the happy times, the sangria behind.
Hires has sound advice for job seekers to help them overcome holiday depression and capitalize on the opportunities the season provides, including: