Holiday Blues

Feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression and anxiety in and around the holidays, caused by loss of family and loved ones through divorce or distance from the childhood home or place where the holidays were most enjoyed in years past
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Amsterdam | AMSTERDAM: To beat the end of summer holiday blues, DFDS is offering 2-4-1 deals on its Newcastle to Amsterdam mini cruises for bookings made from now until November 13, for travel up until December 28.
HEALTH p17 34% of Brits turn to spending to help them cope with summer holiday blues, while one fifth book another trip away as soon as they get back.
Regardless of its origin, though, it is regularly perpetuated in the media during this time of the year with articles titled "10 tips to beat the holiday blues.
There have been many labels attached to the holiday blues, and even more reasons why people experience them.
One in 10 Scots will take the full 10 days to get over the holiday blues and that slump has caused 18 per cent to miss deadlines at work and 13 per cent have spent more time on social media.
SUMMER may be over (if it ever started) so if you've got a severe case of the holiday blues then here are some more pictures from our Echo on Tour competition.
Billy Thompson, general manager at Mecca Gateshead, said: "It's no big secret that January is a depressing month as the post-Christmas holiday blues set in.
Music The Installers Holiday Blues Dance Party, 8 p.
Mix in the deep desire to still be on that paradise island which had been so hospitable to you and your family, can result in a temporary psychological experience known as Post Holiday Blues (PBH).
IF you have the bank holiday blues for any reason today, turn back to page three to see a very special friendship at Kirkleatham Owl Centre.
The best of your emails Holiday blues Bank Holiday Monday and there are three jump meetings, Ayr in Scotland and Folkestone and Plumpton within 75 miles of each other on the south coast.
So, what can be done to tackle the post holiday blues and get businesses in peak condition as quickly as possible?