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Luther, English anatomist, 1815-1905. See: Holden line.
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B.'s birthday present to Holden of a book by Ring Lardner lends further significance to the brothers' exchange of roles.
"In many ways, Holden today is a microcosm of what we want GM to be," says Bob Lutz, one of Holden's biggest fans and head of product development for GM and chairman of GM North America.
Holden set out to examine whether a language tree might reflect the broader cultural history of the region, specifically the spread of farming.
Holden turned to the Royal's version of Coppelia for Inland Pacific, relying on a BBC television special from 1964 for raw steps.
"With Holden and Banky, it always felt to me like a marriage without the sex," Smith explains.
Much of the explosive detail comes from Princess Diana, who in a series of meetings with Holden discussed her secrets - and her feelings about Camilla Parker-Bowles.
Mr Holden's case will be considered by a Health and Care Professions Council disciplinary panel in London on May 25.
Raised in Tulsa, OK but based in Dallas, TX, Holden is a full time real estate agent who also models and acts.
Holden's license to carry after finding him to be an "unsuitable person'' under the statute.
Liverpool crown court heard Ian Holden, 29, suffered from a personality disorder and had a "preoccupation" with his victim John Limb.
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