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holarchy (hō·lärˑ·kē),

n philosophy that holds that every entity is a holon—that is, an entity unto itself and simultaneously a part of an entity larger than itself.
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Unfortunately for Zappos, the holacracy experiment is causing workers to quit in droves, with 14% of employees leaving within weeks of the company introducing holacracy.
But the inventor of the system, software engineer Brian Robertson, says that a holacracy has more processes and structure than either a hierarchical system or a flat organisational structure.
A Loss of status is one of the greatest barriers to a holacracy.
A Holacracy is growing in popularity, particularly for smaller and younger firms employing less than 150 people.
In late 2013, Zappos announced that they would be implementing Holacracy at their company, and since that time, the news about Holacracy has spread.
Because many people want to find out about Holacracy, WonderWorks Consulting has created this Free Holacracy webinar to allow people to hear how Holacracy has been implemented by other companies and to get an overview of how Holacracy works.
McGrath has spoken on Holacracy and the Holacractic system at dozens of conferences, corporate retreats, workshops and has implemented Holacracy into organizations around the globe.
If holacracy were to take off as a workplace trend, it's tough to be optimistic about these low numbers improving, with no one focused on -- or accountable for -- meeting employees' engagement needs.
As the largest organization to implement a holacracy, Zappos has a lot of questions to answer, and a volatile period of trial and error is likely yet to come.