Hogwarts Headache

A 'condition' that occurs when a person reads a long book—e.g., J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the longest in the Harry Potter franchise at 870 pages—without interruption, while seated in an uncomfortable position, named for the fictional school of wizardry
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If this escalation continues as Rowling concludes the saga, there may be an epidemic of Hogwarts headaches in the years to come.
A children's doctor has discovered an illness he's dubbed Hogwarts Headaches caused by kids spending hours on end wading through JK Rowling's latest 870-page blockbuster on the boy wizard.
Then, as if by magic, the Hogwarts Headaches disappear.
He claims to have treated three 8-10 year old children all complaining of a dull headache, which has been named Hogwarts Headaches, while reading the 870 page book.