D.S., 20th-century U.S. molecular biologist. See: Grunstein-Hogness assay, Hogness box.
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It was only a small step to improve the technique to filter-based screening of clone libraries, which introduced a one-to-one correspondence between clone and hybridization signal (Grunstein and Hogness 1975).
HSP90 is likely to regulate the crustacean ecdysteroid (steroid molting hormone) receptor as demonstrated in Drosophila (Arbeitman and Hogness, 2000).
Hogness of the Stanford University School of Medicine and his colleagues constructed a chip that monitors some 4,500 fly genes.
As for developmental time of larvae here, and as of embryos (Neyfakh and Hartl 1993), stress may disrupt homeostatic effects, enabling selection to change the phenotype (Gibson and Hogness 1996).