Lancelot, British mathematician, 1895-1975. See: Hogben number.
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Inset, new mums Simone Lewis with Lacie-Mai Lewis-Williams, Abie and Tolu Oduste and Kimberley and Jamey Hogben.
Prosecutor Helen Hogben said: "His initial account was he lived in a nearby property, heard a smashing noise in the flat and went to investigate and retrieved the computer for safekeeping as he was friend of the owner.
Alex Hogben (Ringway, 230), David Peel (Stockport, 210).
Kerrie Hogben waited for Matthew Thatcher, 28, to fall asleep after a drunken row then dropped a lighted cigarette on his bed, shut the door and went downstairs.
Coventry student Olly Hogben has been bringing a touch of harmony to panto special Aladdin.
The permatanned host of Bargain Hunt looks in danger of being eclipsed by dandy rival and colleague Michael Hogben.
RSPCA animal-collection officer (ACO) Ellie West and inspector Keith Hogben picked up the seal from Mr Leadbetter, and he has now been transferred to RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife and Animal Centre for rehabilitation.
The transactional team was led by Marco Compagnoni with James Harvey and James Hogben.
Rebecca Hogben, 33, of Park View, Abercynon, said: "This is a real blow to the community.
Helen Hogben, defending, said he knew his actions were unacceptable.
DETAILS: 141 Craig Lewis (Prenton) 68 73; 142 James Murphy (Shrigley Hall) 74 68; 144 Adam Perfect (Royal Winchester) 74 70; 145 Andrew Palmer (Chorley) 71 74; 146 Stephen Hindle (Ellesmere) 74 72, Alex Hogben (Ringway) 73 73, David Peel (Stockport) 72 74
Christine Anderson Theatre School pupils Jo Walker, 14, Ruth Adamek, 14, Aisha Hussain, 15, and Jeren Hogben, 19, passed their International Dance Teachers' Association intermediate ballet exam with flying colours.