Lancelot, British mathematician, 1895-1975. See: Hogben number.
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RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben, who rescued scores of Manx shearwaters back in 2011, said: "It is sad to hear that this bird had died, although it had survived for four years and the distance from the release location was 6,990 km.
Knight replaces Andrea Hogben, who said in August she would leave at the end of the year; Hogben had been the group's president since its founding in 2013.
The cross-office Weil team was led by Frankfurt Corporate partner Gerhard Schmidt and included partners Stephan Grauke, Heiner Drueke, Barbara Jagersberger and Private Equity partner Doug Warner; Tax partner Tobias Geerling; Finance partners James Hogben and Patrick Bright; Corporate associates Oliver Olah, Kamyar Abrar, Annabell Grupp and Verena Schwarz; Tax associates Ludger Kempf, Julia Huebner and Annette Rickert; Finance associates Jasmin Dettmar and Thomas Zimmermann; and Employment associates Mareike Pfeiffer and Johannes Allmendinger.
Richard Hogben, Director of Waltons, said: "We take great pride in being one of the longest established businesses in the heart of Wrexham and Chester.
RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben said the cat was taken to a vet.
Det Chief Supt Chris Hogben said: "We have now arrested 12 men across the country as part of an ongoing investigation into the alleged fraudulent use of funds from four UK-based charities.
Editor Hogben presents this thorough desk reference on theory, topics, and applications of linear algebra, consisting of 95 chapters in five parts.
CREW: A Wenham (7)--Skipper, D Burt (4)--Sailing Master, M Bellingham (19)--Navigator, D Wenham (3), D Hogben (5), M Lewkovitz (3), P Meakins (4), R Burns (2), I Broad (19), M Tyrrell (3), A Burt (4), A Chase (2), J Dock (11), J Turner (1), R Harley, K Swiney (5)
And a special mention here of Christopher Hogben, who turns in a masterful cameo as the French cafe proprietor who sends Bertie in the right direction as he searches for the lion.
I also discussed having a double mastectomy with my surgeon Katy Hogben, who told me it would only increase the chances of it not returning by one to two per cent.
Helen Hogben, representing Ms Rudd, said her client had used the phone for work emails while off and had offered to pay back an overspend of pounds 60, but was never invoiced.