Lancelot, British mathematician, 1895-1975. See: Hogben number.
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Hogben, access services manager for Ithaca College Library.
RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben said:"The caller who reported this states this man swung the dog by the lead and punched and kicked the dog repeatedly.
The NCA's Chris Hogben, deputy head of the Invigor taskforce, said: "Criminal gangs often facilitate the arrival of illegal migrants into the UK by exploiting their desperation without thought for safety and with the sole motive of profit.
The next stop was the ASX, where Mr Yang held a meeting with the ASX Chief Operating Officer, Mr Timothy Hogben, to learn more about Australia's measures to promote listing of technology companies.
RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben said: "We found three Shetlands at this property seriously impeded by overgrown hooves and hidden from view.
Chris Hogben, the NCA's deputy head of the UK's Organised Immigration Crime Taskforce, said: "Jamal Owda is the suspected head of a crime group responsible for smuggling hundreds of migrants a day from Greece into western Europe.
3,28) Se extiende a nuevos conocimientos de la biologia evolutiva ecologica del desarrollo (abreviada "eco-evo-devo") que desafia de manera productiva los supuestos incorrectos que sustentan la division de lo innato frente a lo adquirido, (29,30) y se apoya en la nueva formulacion defendida en 1933 por el reconocido embriologo experimental, genetista y estadistico Lancelot Hogben de la interdependencia de lo innato y lo adquirido.
Helen Hogben, mitigating, said his actions were "out of character" and he had been described in a character reference as "brutally honest".
don't a golden someone's is totally Hogben Llanelli Magistrates' Court had previously heard that he failed to ensure a golden eagle lived in a suitable environment which was hygienic and free from hazards.
RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben said: "When I arrived you could tell this poor dog was so scared - I sat with him for 40 minutes before I was able to coax him into a kennel with some food.
Gaga, meanwhile, said her music video for 'Perfect Illusion,' which was directed by fashion photographer Ruth Hogben, 'is coming soon.
amp;nbsp;Lady Gaga said the video was directed by Ruth Hogben.