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Albert, German surgeon, 1859-1907. See: Hoffa operation.
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As the years went by Sheeran got closer to Hoffa, doing all that was required to promote union activity in America - blackmail, organised violence, voting fraud and, sometimes, murder.
Hoffa's fat pad is intracapsular but extrasynovial.
But the story didn't end there--and Jimmy Hoffa didn't win after all.
Hoffa's letter, which was provided to the Charlotte Business Journal, he asserts that the closure is attributable to the impending merger between SABMiller and A-B InBev.
Mark Hoffa is a toll professional with expertise in systems and operations for tolling customer service centers, back-offices and all-electronic tolling facilities, including managed lanes.
Hoffa's disease was first defined as an acute or chronic inflammation of the infrapatellar fat pad by Albert Hoffa in 1904 (1).
Solitary cases are rare, and according to the available information, only two within Hoffa's fat pad (HFP) have been reported [3].
In 1964, Teamsters union president Jimmy Hoffa was sentenced in Chicago to five years in federal prison for defrauding his union's pension fund.
Hoffa's disease (or Hoffa's fat pad syndrome) is a clinical condition, which develops as a result of impingement of the infrapatellar fat pad (IFP) between the femorotibial and femoropatellar spaces after inflammation and edema, and may cause knee pain.
INTRODUCTION: Albert Hoffa, German surgeon in 1904 described the condition.
"Jim" Hoffa among those who don't believe that it's in the best interest to combine YRC and Arkansas Best.
Il surveille toujours la recuperation de sa blessure au genou gauche (syndrome de Hoffa) qui lui avait fait manquer en 2012 les Jeux olympiques, l'US Open et l'Open d'Australie.