J. Isfred I., U.S. gynecologist, 1878-1961. See: Hofbauer cell.
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"Don is deserving of this honor because he leads by example," said Thomas Hofbauer, a partner at Axley.
Because this technology allows detection of RNA transcripts while retaining the cellular morphology of the tissues, the researchers were able to localize Zika virus negative sense replicative RNA directly in placental Hofbauer cells and neural cells/neurons of brains.
These stromal cells were of variable appearance, from rounded to spindle shaped, and had the morphologic features of villous stromal macrophages (Hofbauer cells).
Hofbauer cells (HCs) express classic monocyte/macrophage markers, such as CD68 and are assumed to be placental macrophages located in the chorionic villous stroma (Joerink et al, 2011).
Backstory Peter Hofbauer, who developed the TDI family of diesel engines used in Audi and Volkswagen cars, decided to move to the US in the 1990s to spend his post-retirement years.
It has been proposed that a breach in the trophoblast layer lining the chorionic villi may result in contact of Hofbauer cells (specialised fetal macrophages) with maternal blood and amniotic fluid.
Natasha Luther-Jones (partner, Leeds), led the DLA Piper team with support from Wolfram Distler (partner, Frankfurt), Sandra Gaidies (senior associate, Frankfurt), Robert Hofbauer (counsel, Frankfurt), James Wood-Robertson (senior associate, Leeds), Laura Gordon (senior associate, Leeds) and Rosie Horsewood (associate, Leeds).
They seem like a tribute to artists such as Joseph Albers and Mark Rothko, or the phenomenological light in the impressive works by James Turrell.” - Harald Hofbauer
Hofbauer, our chairman and chief technology officer, to focus more energy developing our gasoline engine and to keeping our pipeline filled with other advancedd propulsion system products.
Alois Hofbauer, Managing Director for Nestle Lanka PLC.
VILLA reserve team star Dominik Hofbauer is tipping the claret and blue second string to finish their season on a high in Monday's national title decider at Manchester United.
"Sometimes Chico goes over there on his own, and he sits on the door sill or walks through the garden," his owner, Rupert Hofbauer, said.