Reinhard J.C., German parasitologist, 1893-1973. See: Splendore-Hoeppli phenomenon.
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People with spider phobias experience intense fear, avoid contexts and situations where spiders might be encountered, and tend to overestimate the sizes of spiders they encounter (Aue & Hoeppli, 2012; Magee, et al, 1996; Vassey, et al, 2012).
Na coloracoe de HE, pode-se estabelecer a marcada infiltracao inflamatoria piogranolomatosa com intensa infiltracao de eosinofilos polimorfonucleares, seguido por macrofagos e neutrofilos em menor proporcao com distribuicao difusa, presenca de massa necrotica multifocal e do fenomeno Splendore Hoeppli, o que corresponde a uma dermatite granulomatosa eosinofilica difusa multifocal.
The bank recently announced also the appointment of Dieter Hoeppli as managing director and head of Metals and Mining for the Americas in its Natural Resources group.
Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE: DB) (DBK.DE), Germany's largest lender, has said that it has named Dieter Hoeppli at its Natural Resources group as a managing director and head of Metals and Mining for the Americas.
Together with the first 3 vessels described here, which were also cited by Hoeppli in 1959 as early documentation of parasites in the Western Hemisphere (28), to our knowledge, this fragment is the fourth representation of Tunga spp.
The biopsy revealed granulomatous inflammation with fungal hyphae associated with prominent eosinophilic material (spendore hoeppli phenomenon) infiltrate and multinucleated giant cells (Figure 7), features suggestive of basidiobolomycosis.
insidiosum infections in horses and cattle, where eosinophilic dermatitis, formation of early stages of kunkers and reactions in Splendori Hoeppli are associated with to granulomas in different degrees.
The appointment comes after two metals and mining executives, Dan Chu and Dieter Hoeppli, left the bank.