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Mr Hodgkins said he could do his work in the normal way between attacks but had to receive treatment.
Mr Hodgkins said the trouble with his employers started when Peugeot objected to his having time off for treatment and sent a warning letter.
In interview Hodgkins admitted that the money was to be used to buy drugs for himself and his girlfriend and a police test confirmed the presence of cocaine and opiates in his system.
Kuldeep Sethi, defending, told the court that Hodgkins had once worked as a computer operator for a number of major companies but that his life had gone down hill, descending into drug abuse and that he had spent time in prison.
Not content to demonstrate that this seemingly innocuous novel continues the anti-imperialist themes of the Renaissance (as filtered through the anti-imperialism of Samuel Johnson) by showing how "Sir Thomas's Antiguan Plantations prove to not the substance but rather the near-ruin of his house" (185), Hodgkins also targets Edward Said's argument that Austen's novel displays "her deep complicity with and support of colonial possession" (186).
First, Protestantism in Renaissance England was far from monolithic, and Hodgkins might have paid greater attention to the varieties of opinion within the English Protestant imagination, which produced the Leveller Gerrrard Winstanely as well as Drake and Spenser.
As several of the robbers smashed display cases, Terry Hodgkins began to struggle with one man in the office, deputies said.
Kukawski was not surprised that Terry Hodgkins struggled with the robbers.
Although Hodgkins generally rejects Walton's interpretation of Herbert as an anti-Puritan High Churchman, nevertheless he does seem to find in Herbert's poetry Walton's own nostalgia for pre-Civil War Anglicanism and Walton's view of Herbert as an exemplar of that version of English Christianity.
While Hodgkins does not surprise us with his conclusions about Herbert, he often puzzles and confuses his reader with loose definition and argumentation.
In such a well-worn field it is strange that Hodgkins ignores genuine opportunities for scholarship The section on catechizing concludes that Herbert's practice is Calvinist, yet Hodgkins ignores Herbert's insistence on the use of the Church of England catechism as opposed to any other.
The company's new facility is at 6843 Santa Fe Drive, Hodgkins, IL 60525.