Hockey Stick

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Referring to an elongated cylindrical mass ending in a gentle curve, fancifully likened to a hockey stick
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At each of the program venues, ASCWA officials will be providing free skate sharpening as well as hockey sticks for all of the youth participants.
Pucks are imprinted with dimples on the outside surface during the final compression to increase friction between the puck and hockey sticks. This friction allows the player to have greater puck control.
A toughened urethane-polyester hybrid resin introduced by Reichhold, Research Triangle Park, N.C., is designed for SMC and pultrusion applications such as automotive pickup boxes, personal watercraft hulls and decks, hockey sticks, utility enclosures, manhole covers, utility pole cross-arms, and sheet pilings for seawalls.
Suddenly Tom and a gay-friendly teammate (Kevin Karrick) are batting a shampoo bottle around a locker room with hockey sticks. Suddenly Adele, the good listener, has a 10-minute monologue.
She calls it the "sound of hundreds of solemn young athletes tapping the pavement with their hockey sticks."
But under the category of blunt instruments, the Commission list extends potentially dangerous weapons to hockey sticks, canoe paddles, and snooker cues, as well as skateboards, fishing rods, golf clubs and cricket bats.
A FAMILY was confronted late at night by three young men wearing tights over their faces and wielding hockey sticks, a jury heard yeserday.
St-Jean says they are entertaining ideas to explore such options as manufacturing cut-to-size products for various suppliers and possibly producing furniture, baseball bats or hockey sticks.
Players sit on their "skates" (sleds) and use two shortened hockey sticks with ice picks in them to propel themselves across the ice.
IT'S not so jolly hockey sticks for players in a Scots town.
A string of 999 emergency calls reported that a group of 12 to 15 men were fighting with swords, hockey sticks and machetes.
Make rules for safe use of equipment such as hockey sticks, bats, and scooters.